[trx_section dedicated=”no” bottom=”-10″]There are many causes for the perception in wine faults including poor hygiene at the winery, [trx_highlight type=”1″] excessive and/or insufficient exposure of the wine to oxygen [/trx_highlight], excessive or insufficient exposure of the wine to sulphur, overextended maceration of the wine either pre- or post-fermentation, faulty fining, filtering and stabilization of the wine, the use of dirty oak barrels, over-extended barrel aging and the use of poor quality corks. Outside of the winery, other factors within the control of the retailer or end user of the wine can contribute to the perception of flaws in the wine. These include poor storage of the wine that exposes it to [trx_highlight type=”1″ color=”#eb413e” backcolor=”#f2f5f8″] excessive heat and temperature fluctuations [/trx_highlight] as well as the use of dirty stemware during wine tasting that can introduce materials or aromas to what was previously a clean and fault-free wine.[/trx_section]

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