Our Story

We began with the goal of producing the best wine we could possibly coax from our small vineyard. By limiting ourselves to 300 cases per year, we hope to have enough to satisfy an exclusive community of friends and Okapi fans, but not so much that compromises have to be made in the farming practices or winemaking process.

Our goal is to produce full-bodied wines with opulent flavors balanced by sufficient tannins and complexity that they will age beautifully. We sampled many of Napa’s best Cabernets to fully understand the possibilities, and based all of our decisions – from optimizing the design of the vineyard to cultivating premium grapes – on the intention to offer a wine of superb quality.

Okapi wines are only available online and by telephone. Our “tasting room” is the backyard, when friends come to visit – we are not open to the public.

Because we produce wines that we like, rather than to suit the marketing profile of a distributor or price matrix of a retailer, we can offer something a little different. Special. Something that only comes from one place on the planet – that you can’t find unless you know where to look. We’re like the okapi in that way.