Making Connections


As a small producer, we sincerely appreciate the support we have received from our friends and family in launching and growing the Okapi brand. Like you, we want to drink high quality, clean wines, so we carefully adhere to sustainable vineyard and winemaking practices. We make all grape growing and production decisions with these values top of mind.

For the last several years we’ve expanded our reach by supporting the Okapi Conservation Project, the organization that manages the wildlife protection program in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Their presence in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve helps defend it against illegal hunting, logging and mining, and acts as a stabilizing influence in a place where the government has little ability to control the chaos of economic and civil instability. They also run programs in alternative agriculture and community development that directly support the people who live in this region. (

While okapis are nearly impossible to see in the wild, it turns out the endangered animals do very well in captivity, and this has been the key to their conservation. When the Sacramento Zoo acquired two okapis last winter, our friends at the OCP encouraged them to contact us about supporting the PR and fundraising around the announcement. No okapis have been exhibited in Northern California in decades, so their arrival is newsworthy! We have poured Okapi at two major zoo events for donors and community supporters of the zoo.

We love to partner with zoos and conservation advocates. Although we didn’t know much about okapis when we named our wine, the brand emerged as a play on the name of our Napa Valley home: Jungle Love Vineyard. We liked the name because the okapi symbolizes the rare and unique quality of our micro-boutique wines. Like the okapi, we come from only one place in the world. The wildlife conservation mission is consistent with our values of producing Okapi wines responsibly, and making a meaningful difference through our connections with fans and followers.

After all, nothing creates connection like sharing a great bottle of wine.